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Through some consultation and a survey, we have seen a need to offer help on adventurous training activities for adults and Explorer’s in the District. To enable this, our District Executive has allowed up to £1000 per year for each of the next three years. This will be reviewed annually but we hope it will be a positive step in adding something interesting for you that will help add some adventure in your programs. There are many things you could do; we’ll leave it to you to find the adventure that best suits yourself. Please apply for funding before you spend your money as we will not reimburse without prior permission. The funding itself is a refund, we will pay on the successful completion of the course when provided a receipt. The application form is sent with this letter; applications will be taken on a case by case basis in an effort to spread the funding fairly to those who are interested.

The types of financial help we are thinking of includes;

  • Up to 50% of course fees for Explorer’s and Adults going on IMC for the first time.7
  • Up to 100% of course fees for of anyone going on AMC.
  • Help to any leader doing activity permits.
  • Courses like an archery, sailing or climbing instructors can be considered, although we may limit this when we have enough capacity in the District, its not cost effective
    or there is a cheaper alternative offered by County.

The £1000 per year won’t go far, we believe this will help 10-12 people per year. Please
don’t be disappointed if you don’t get funding on your first attempt, we promise to try do all
we can to help you keep Scouting adventurous.

Thanks and let’s get the young people outside as much as we can.

Your DC team
Kerry and Gordon.

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