The PR team has recently been bolstered by the addition of Olly Middleton, who has joined as the District Digital Media Manager. His role will be to help enhance the District’s digital presence and to assist in improving brand awareness and increase the effectiveness of our digital communications.

As well as updating the District website, our main priority is to connect with people in our District and we have begun doing that via our social media channels and newsletter.

We need your help however, as we cannot work effectively unless we have great content to get people’s attention.

We need to hear from all the active people of our district:

  • Did you do anything exciting or out of the ordinary this term?
  • Do you have any top scouting tips for a new leader?
  • Do you have any amazing young people who achieved a top award?
  • Do you have any funny camping stories from one of your group’s camps?
  • Do you want a shoutout for someone in scouting that needs recognition?

Please get in contact by emailing us at newsletter@pbscouts.org.uk with your stories and/or photos.

Alternatively you contact us on Twitter or Facebook and we have plans for an Instagram account so watch this space!

If your Group/Section is on social media please use the hashtag #PBScouts.

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