All members of Potters Bar and District Scouts (from the youngest Beaver Scout to the oldest Commissioner and Committee Member) are challenged to “Camp Out” on at least one night of the Easter Weekend (10- 13 April 2020).

If you have a tent and a garden, the challenge Is easy. If you live In a flat or have no garden, the challenge Is to find a way to ‘”Camp Out” somewhere different to normal.

Under a kitchen or dining room table is a possible start or even behind the sofa. You will need to cook a breakfast of beans on toast and a hot drink as well. Be bold and adventurous, sleep somewhere different! We would like you to send us 8 photo of what you did. We would like to share these with the public but will not Identify anyone involved.

Prizes will be awarded to the most inventive people and everyone who –“Camps Out” will get a certificate.

Send your photos and any questions using the form below!.

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